Black Christmas Wreath


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“Have yourself a scary little Christmas…Not at all like the ones you used to know.” – “Black Christmas” (1974) movie tagline

This handmade wreath is inspired by the cult classic 1974 horror film, “Black Christmas,” and the 2006 remake of the same name. The familiar eyeballs call back to the original movie, showing the only glimpse of the killer the audience ever sees. The first kill, Claire, is strangled by a plastic bag while Claude (the cat) looks on, uninterested. On the top you’ll see the bloody unicorn, a reference to the death of Barb (played by the great Margot Kidder).

Billy Lenz, the yellow killer from the remake, is the centerpiece. His death, impaled on a Christmas tree, is depicted in the center of the wreath.

The entire wreath is wrapped in black telephone cord, a throwback to those fearful days when the phone company tracked down a call coming FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!!

Each wreath is handmade using materials from my personal collection, and items found over the years. I’ve learned that part of the joy of collecting is sharing that collection with others. These wreaths are designed to bring joy into your home, whether they’re hung for the holidays or year round.

All wreaths come with wire for easy hanging.


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