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“Murder Hobo #1 Chaotic Neutral” Comes out Today!

Hey everyone, it’s Sean the Store Manager. Just wanted to make a quick post to tell everyone to head over to El Rey Comics and pick up a copy of Murder Hobo #1 Chaotic Neutral.

It’s Jen’s first variant cover, featuring the frothmancer pimp-daddy, Lord Froth!

In the lands of High Adventure, where brave warriors seek out fame and fortune, the unlucky few will recruit a Murder Hobo into their ranks. Follow the further exploits of Roddy the Rotten, Big Momma Venus, and Spectra Liaison as they team up with (and ruin the plans of) every adventurer they come across. This series also launches a new collection of tales featuring the frothmancer pimp-daddy, Lord Froth, and his army of undead gigolos. Featuring four new tales from a new creative team.

Murder Hobo #1 Chaotic Neutral